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Jun 30, 2020
Raven is one of the playable factions in MAG. Raven Industries is a "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung", or "Company with limited liability", based out of Vienna, Austria and functions as a PMC. Raven's tactics, gear, and command structure are all likely derived from that of Austria and Germany, and their soldiers are recruits who have been exposed to technological training. They are the most technologically advanced corporation but the majority of their soldiers are new and have only gone through simulation training, and overall, have little actual combat experience.

Commander Klaus Pfahlert (former member of Fernspahkompanie) founded Raven Rapid Response in the early 21st century, as an answer to a new security need emerging in the global defense market. With struggling economies and climbing fuel costs, nations began seeking cost effective methods of ensuring the security of their domestic and projected national interests. Raven's founding mission was to serve as the answer to this growing need.

For their early client base consisting mostly of European nations, Raven provided assistance in overseas military operations, physical security protection services, civilian police training, and intelligence gathering. Following The New Energy Crisis, the ETO signed a long-term contract with Raven to protect European petroleum companies operating abroad.

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A decade after Raven's founding, veterans Horst Schaefer and Antoine Jeannette purchased the company and assumed the roles of Force Commander and Chief Executive Officer. Under their leadership, Raven has become refined into the world's most advanced and capable Private Military Contractor. Raven is the highly trained group of warriors. They go through very challenging training courses to be the best of the best. They have the latest in weapons technology. Current Raven deployments involve an ongoing presence in South America, where Raven provides extensive physical security services of local oil reserves. In partnership with local governments, the company's facilities have expanded to include numerous state of the art research and security centers in the region. Due to its ideal location for bi-hemispheric deployment, all Raven operations groups are based out of these South American field bases. Corporate headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria, and house internal marketing, sales, and leadership teams.
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